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5 Bad Sci-Fi Shows You’ll Love: #5: Kyle XY

There is a lot of television out there. That’s before you factor in the Internet, with its traces of current, canceled and never aired shows, not to mention movies. This is your guide to television shows and movies that you can watch now. For the fifth show in my series of Sci-Fi that’s so bad [...]

The 10 Geekiest Shows Available Online

What is a geek? According to wikipedia, a geek is someone with an obsessive interest in a particular subject, including electronics and intellectual pursuits. So, by extension, a geeky show would focus on one theme obsessively. At first blush, that would appear to be any show worth its salt. But, for all the shows I’ve [...]

The Most Amazing Canceled Shows that you Missed but can Stream Today: Defying Gravity

Thank goodness the Internet is there to catch the remnants of shows canceled before their time. And as far as this show goes? You must run, not walk to Amazon Video on Demand to catch the pilot. Then, once you’re hooked, you can catch the rest of this too short series with a Netflix account. [...]

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