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Look What’s New to Netflix Instant Queue

Well, you made it to the weekend! And not just any weekend, a holiday weekend. Summer’s last hurrah. If the weather where you are is like the weather here, the indoors is much more beckoning than the outdoors this weekend. It’s a perfect weekend for Netflix Instant Queue. You can watch great movies without having [...]

Date Night Still #1; The Back Up Plan Hot on its Heels

  Oh, those zany romantic comedies! On one hand, perfect for a date night in. On the other hand, cringingly awkward. And there you have the top two movies on Amazon Video on Demand: Date Night, and The Back Up Plan. Date Night focuses on a married couple infusing adventure into their boring lives. The [...]

Make it Date Night with Amazon Video on Demand

  Some romantic comedies are really popular on video on demand. About a month ago, Bounty Hunter was on top over at Amazon. Now Date Night is high on the list of best-selling Video(s) on Demand. Having never seen either, I can only guess why. 1. Date nights need movies. Dinner can only carry you [...]

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