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Hulu’s Juiciest News Clips This Week

Hurricane Earl is the big news this week. NBC’s Today Show has the latest information about the storm as it approaches the Eastern seaboard. If you missed it first thing this morning, no worries! You can check it out on hulu right now. Here’s Bill Reed, head of the National Hurricane Center, predicting whether the [...]

Hulu’s Top 10: Are You Watching?

With all the TV options, it’s hard to decide how to spend your tube time. Let’s not even discuss cable, ok? Opening up your tubeCore browser, you are hit with a plethora of decisions. The Hulu folder is always a good choice. But, what now? Do you watch a show, or a clip? Yes. What [...]

Hulu’s Top 10-did you Make them Popular?

There’s enough on TV to make your head spin. Throw in the Internet, and you really don’t know where to turn. Thankfully, you have tubecentric to help you with your TV choices. Here’s this week’s top 10 shows on Hulu. Did you make them popular? 1. Pretty Little Liars, Season 1: Ep. 4 Pretty Little [...]

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