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Harriet, Napoleon and Little Miss Sunshine: A Trio of Defiant Movie Kids

Back in Nickelodeon’s golden age, 1996, they released their first film, Harriet the Spy. It was very jazzy, quirky, colorful, (our VHS copy is bright orange), and kind of timeless. It is nearly impossible to tell when the story takes place, with the vintage costumes, cars and toys. The huge baggy pants with the high [...]

The 10 Geekiest Shows Available Online

What is a geek? According to wikipedia, a geek is someone with an obsessive interest in a particular subject, including electronics and intellectual pursuits. So, by extension, a geeky show would focus on one theme obsessively. At first blush, that would appear to be any show worth its salt. But, for all the shows I’ve [...]

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