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New Visually-Striking Quirky Flicks to Netflix Instant Queue

Netflix offers daily solutions to the ‘what should we watch tonight?’ question. Our viewing preferences have created a ‘visually-striking quirky comedy’ row in our instant queue. Tonight I’ll showcase the top four films in that row. These four films have something in common. They are all colorful, and full of funky, unusual characters. 1/2 half [...]

Coming Soon to Hulu

Do you even remember when you were a slave to the TV schedule? Does the phrase, Must-See TV mean anything to you? How about Tivo? TV innovation is going by at the speed of light. Yet, there is still such a thing as prime time. What’s different is if you missed it. If you didn’t [...]

Repo Men: Not to be Confused with Repo Man

I know it’s a stretch, but I thought the new movie, Repo Men, #4 on the Amazon Video on Demand top sellers list this week, was a remake of the 1984 Emilio Estevez movie, Repo Man. The movie poster should be a big tip-off. Repo Men looks menacing, serious, ominous, even. Here’s the Repo Man [...]

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