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Look What’s New to Netflix Instant Queue

Well, you made it to the weekend! And not just any weekend, a holiday weekend. Summer’s last hurrah. If the weather where you are is like the weather here, the indoors is much more beckoning than the outdoors this weekend. It’s a perfect weekend for Netflix Instant Queue. You can watch great movies without having [...]

Kirk? Picard? No, Adams! – Appreciating Forbidden Planet

Understanding the importance of Forbidden Planet: without Commander John Adams, we might never have had Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Commander Sinclair, Commander Adama, or Han Solo. Forbidden Planet paved the way, proving the audience interest in well-produced intelligent science fiction, and also inspiring generations of SF film makers.

The 10 Best Geeks (or Geek Teams) in Film and TV

The 10 Best Geeks (or Geek Teams) in Film and TV, counting in hex.

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