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    I downloaded and installed tubeCore. Now what? I don't see anything.

    Thank you for downloading and trying tubeCore, the Internet DVR for PlayOn and Tversity that runs on Windows Media Center.

    To use tubeCore follow these instructions:

    • Open Windows Media Center by clicking Start, then All Programs, then Windows Media Center. Tip: You can also open Windows Media Center by holding down the Alt-key and the Windows-key and pressing Enter.
    • When Windows Media Center is opened, navigate to the TV menu (or Extras menu if you're using Windows 7) and select it.
    • Find the tubeCore icon and select it.
    • You should see your Media Server icon there. If not, make sure your Media Server is correctly installed. If you need a Media Server check out our Media Server Comparison page.
    • Enjoy your Internet TV.

    Take a look at our Media Server Comparison page for a list of Media Servers. We recommend PlayOn for Internet TV.

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    The License Key I received in email is not working. I see the error "Invalid license information. Please check the User Name and License Key and try again, or contact tubeCentric."

    There are one of two reasons this is occurring:

    1. Your License Key information was entered incorrectly. It is important that you enter the License Name exactly as it appears in the License Key email, with the proper capitalization, punctuation, and spaces. The licensing system takes the name as you entered it from PayPal and uses it to generate your License Key.

    2. You are trying to use a tubeCore Version 1 License Key with tubeCore Version 2, or vice-versa. tubeCore Versions 1 and 2 use entirely different License Key schemes, so that the License Key for Version 1 is will not work on Version 2. The solution is to install the proper version of tubeCore to use your License Key.

    Visit the Download page to get the proper version of tubeCore

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    How do I report a problem in tubeCore?

    The best way to do this is a two step process.

    1. First send us your log files then,
    2. Send us an email.

    The reason it is a two step process is that we get lots of log files sent in and unless we know what specific problem we're looking for we don't know what to fix. Sending us an email describing the problem (it could be as simple as "I'm getting a 'Object not found...' error." then we'll know where to start.

    To send your log files go to the Support screen by clicking the Support button on the opening screen of tubeCore (the one that shows your Media Servers). On the Support screen press the "Send Log File" button. It may take a little while to send if your log file is big.

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    How do I upgrade tubeCore?

    First download the latest version of tubeCore. You can download from here or go to the email you received when you downloaded the last time. The email contains a direct link to the latest version of tubeCore.

    After downloading tubeCore simply run the executable file that you downloaded. The tubeCore installation program will take care of the rest.

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    I paid for tubeCore but have not received my License Key.

    Make sure your email reader is not blocking email coming from "". Also, send an email to [email protected]tv either from the email address you used when purchasing a License Key or with the email address included. Also let us know when you made your purchase and we will fix you up right away.

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    How do I know if I have the latest version of tubeCore?

    Press the Support button at the top of the screen when you first open tubeCore. Press the available from the "Check for Update" button. The software will tell you if you have the latest version.

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    None of my PlayOn videos work. I am using a Windows Media Center Extender. What is wrong?

    PlayOn has at least two different modes of operation, one for an Xbox 360 and another for everything else (such as a PS3). Under the Xbox 360 mode PlayOn will only send out WMV video. Otherwise PlayOn sends out MPEG2 video. tubeCore is only compatible with Extenders using the MPEG2 mode of operation.

    Sometimes PlayOn can get "stuck" in the Xbox mode of operation when running under tubeCore. To fix this you must either restart PlayOn or reboot your computer. Once PlayOn is restarted everything should work fine.

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    I keep seeing "Conversion Service Not Responding..." error message. What now?

    You should upgrade to the latest version of tubeCore and the latest version of your Media Server such as PlayOn or Tversity. This problem can happen from time to time when tubeCore cannot make a connection to the streaming video coming from PlayOn or Tversity. It happens frequently under older versions of tubeCore, but happens far less under the newer versions.

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    How do I make suggestions for new features?

    Just send an email to [email protected] describing the feature you would like to see. If it is a good feature suggestion it will be added to our Roadmap Page.

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    Using tubeCore for awhile and it starts to slow down and eventually stops responding.

    This problem can sometimes happen when moving between tubeCore and other parts of Windows Media Center. This is a known problem and we are looking for a solution.

    If you experience this problem close Windows Media Center and restart it. This should clear things up.

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    I have had a problem and sent several log files but got no response from you! Why?

    We get lots of log files sent in and unless we know what specific problem we're looking for we don't know what to fix. Send us an email describing the problem you're having (it could be as simple as "I'm getting a 'Object not found...' error.") then we will know where to start. We answer every email, even if the email wasn't very nice.

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    I lost my License Key, can you send me a new one?

    Yes. Just send a email to "[email protected]" with the email address your Licence Key was originally sent to and we will send it out again.

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    How do I completely remove tubeCore and install a fresh copy?

    1. Delete the folder C:\Users\\AppData\Temp (the program CCleaner can help with this)
    2. Uninstall tubeCore. Force uninstall if you have to. Microsoft has an Installer Cleanup Utility (
    3. Delete C:\ProgramData\tubecentric\tubecore folder
    4. Open the Registry and delete \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\\tubeCore key.
    5. Open the Registry and delete \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\tubeCore
    6. Then install the latest version of tubeCore.

    This sequence will give you a completely clean install of tubeCore.

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    Can tubeCore play music or show pictures?

    tubeCore was designed to play video from PlayOn, Tversity, and other media servers. It will not play music or show pictures.

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    How do I configure Tversity to work with tubeCore?

    On the Tversity settings screen select "PS3" as the Media Playback Device. Tversity will automatically transcode all video it sends to tubeCore into an MPEG2 format which tubeCore understands best.

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    When I'm using PlayOn with tubeCore my CPU is running at 90 - 100%, I'm getting choppy video, and sometimes the playback just stops. What can I do?

    There are a couple of reasons this can happen.

    1. The CPU could be underpowered. On single core CPUs or dual-core CPUs under 3Ghz tubeCore can use 10 - 20% of the CPU. Coupled with PlayOn, which is converting Internet video to a format that tubeCore understands, the CPU could be maxed out.

    2. Disk space may be low. PlayOn and tubeCore use lots (and lots) of disk space. For a typical 42 minute TV show the two of these apps can use 5 gigabytes of disk space. The way Windows is designed, it will get slower as disk space runs low. So the computer can run just fine when tubeCore and PlayOn are not running, but use lots of CPU when they are.

    The solutions for the CPU issue is, well, a newer model or higher powered CPU. But if you're running low on disk space try CCleaner ( to help free up some disk space.

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    Is there a way to restart the Conversion Service without rebooting my computer?

    We hate reboots too. It can take 15 to 20 minutes before your rig is ready for action. So here's how to clean up a hung Conversion Service.

    The Conversion Service runs on Vista only, so if you can, upgrade to the latest version of Windows. That will eliminate the Conversion Service issues.

    The Conversion Service is a Windows Service that is designed to overcome security inconsistencies in Windows Vista. With Windows 7 some security issues were fixed (while others were introduced). The Conversion Service spawns another program called "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe". It does the real work. The Conversion Service and "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" are complex. And Internet video is unreliable, so sometimes either one will simply lock up without warning, and without explanation. After Vista we removed the Conversion Service and spawn the "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" program directly.

    So under Vista to "clean up" a locked up Conversion Service you need to do two things:

    1. Stop and restart the Conversion Service.
    2. Kill all running "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" programs.

    You must be an Administrator on your PC to perform either of these.

    To stop and restart the Conversion Service:
    1. Open a command line window. To do this hold down the Windows Key and press "R". Then type "cmd" in the "Run" window and press Enter.
    2. Type: net stop "tubecentric converter"
    3. Wait for the service to stop
    4. Type: net start "tubecentric converter"
    5. Wait for the service to start

    The Conversion Service has now been restarted.

    To kill all "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" programs:
    1. Open the Task Manager. To do this right-click on the Taskbar (usually at the bottom of the screen), and select "Start Task Manager".
    2. Click the "Processes" tab. You cam also click the "Image Name" column header to sort the processes by name. It will make it easier to spot all of the "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" processes.
    3. Right click the "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" process and select "End Process".

    When all of the "Run.mpeg2dvrms.exe" processes are gone your computer will be read to play video again.

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    The video stopped but the audio kept going (or vice versa). What's wrong?

    Streaming TV quality video across the Internet can be very unpredictable, and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the streaming video gives us a glitch that we cannot overcome entirely. When the Internet deals us lemons, we attempt to make lemonade.

    Since the show has been streamed to your computer already, one thing you can try is to stop the video and start over again; then fast-forward (or skip-ahead) to the place you were watching. On Windows Media Center you can also enter the time (in minutes) that you want to skip ahead using your remote control and press the Enter key on the remote. Windows Media Center will then skip right to the point you entered.

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    Skip-ahead and rewind are not working right! I am using PlayOn. What's wrong?

    The short answer is that you may have to restart PlayOn.

    Most likely what has happened is that PlayOn has switched into Windows Media mode and away from MPEG2 mode. In Windows Media mode the skip-ahead and rewind features do not work as well as they do in MPEG2 mode.

    Here's how you can tell what mode PlayOn is in:

    On the Details Screen, the screen where you press the Play button, there is a Device Detail area right below the description of the Show Description. The Device Detail area will begin with the word "Device", followed by the name of the device (PlayOn, Tversity, etc). Following the device name will be a Media Signature. If it says anything other than "Media video/mpeg" (like "Media video/ms-wmv") then the skip-forward and rewind may not work correctly.

    To put PlayOn back into MPEG2 mode restart PlayOn.

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