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How tubeCore Works

Getting Internet TV shows onto your TV is easy. All you need is a Windows Vista computer. Add a remote control for the very best experience.

Your Windows Vista computer has powerful built-in software for watching TV. That software is called Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center does everything a TIVO does, everything your cable television box does, AND makes Internet TV available (using tubeCore). You just have to make the connection to your TV!

And that is much easier than you think.

There are two ways to connect your Windows Vista Computer to your TV: DIRECT or using an EXTENDER.

If you have an Xbox 360 console, you already have an EXTENDER. The Xbox 360 comes pre-configured to connect directly to your Windows Vista computer as a Media Center Extender, and displays Windows Media Center right on your TV. Just turn on your Xbox 360 and find the “Media Center Connection”. From there you’re only a few steps away from watching all of your favorite TVs without cable!

To connect your computer DIRECT to your TV you simply need the right kind of connector cable. This website will tell you exactly how to connect your computer to your TV.

tubeCore is a Windows Media Center application plugin that functions as a DLNA Media Receiver. tubeCore will play video from any DLNA compliant Media Server such as Tversity, PlayOn, and Twonky Media.

Minimum Requirements

tubeCore has the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate or Home Premium
  • The latest operating system updates from Microsoft
  • A DLNA Media Server such as Tversity or PlayOn
  • 10 MB of hard disk space for installation
  • 5G of free hard disk space for caching media at all times

Technical Support Questions

For technical support questions please send email to [email protected]

Retrieving License Keys

If you have recently reinstalled your computer and need to retrieve your license key, or have not receive your license key please send an email to [email protected] Also, be sure to allow your email filter or white list to receive emails from the domain.

Sales Questions

For sales question please send email to [email protected]

General Questions

For general questions, business inquires, or technology licensing questions please send email to [email protected]

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