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Reviews and recommendations of TV Shows and Movies available for streaming on the Internet from sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon.

Watching Radio: Clinton Jackson

  XM Radio’s Laugh USA is funny for the whole family. It plays several different comedians’ stand-up routines. The thing about the radio, though, obviously, is you can’t see the comedians. That would be ok if they only told audio jokes. But they’re telling visual jokes too, and Laugh USA chops the routines into little [...]

Netflix 100: Inside Man

  As I trolled through the Netflix 100 list, I noted that I’d seen 45 of the 100 movies. Not bad for an armchair critic, huh? I blame my sleepy town, which features movies, classical music, and amateur theatre. Of the three, my husband and I choose movies. This works to our favor, as I [...]

Does Web Show Faux Baby Strike a Chord, or Hit a Nerve?

Strike TV is an Internet television website created during the 2007-2008 Screen Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike. Well-known Hollywood names produce the original content of online shows for Strike TV. Is this the future of television? Time will tell. Strike TV’s shows are available on their website, as well as Youtube. Their first show [...]

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