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Netflix 100: The Blind Side

Since I’ve noticed that the Netflix top 100 is an ever changing list, my already confusing number system has been rendered irrelevant as well. So, I’ll be going back through the old entries and removing the numbers, and I will just review the movies on the Netflix top 100 list that I’ve seen. In the [...]

Netflix 100: The Dark Knight

I found out something at Netflix today, something I should have suspected anyway: The Netflix Top 100 list is fluid. So I’ve been going from an old copy of the list, a list in which I’d seen 45 of the top 100. Today’s list has more movies I haven’t seen. I think to be safe, [...]

Netflix 100: Inside Man

  As I trolled through the Netflix 100 list, I noted that I’d seen 45 of the 100 movies. Not bad for an armchair critic, huh? I blame my sleepy town, which features movies, classical music, and amateur theatre. Of the three, my husband and I choose movies. This works to our favor, as I [...]

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