Hulu Fall Premieres

Hulu has a new line-up of shows coming this fall. Here’s what to expect this week:

Friday, September 10:

Beast Legends
They’re the stuff of legends, but what if they really existed? Think Mythbusters, monster edition. Beast Legends brings together a team of investigators who research a legendary beast, traveling to the actual location where the creature’s story first took life.

Sunday, September 12:

America’s Most Wanted
John Walsh and America’s Most Wanted bring you new cases every week so concerned citizens can help track America’s most wanted fugitives.


Producer/writer/director John Langley created Fox Broadcasting Company’s television series COPS in 1988. The long-running FBC reality program, pioneered the often emulated video verite format.

You can watch all these shows on their release dates through the Hulu page in tubecore.

Netflix 100: The Blind Side

Since I’ve noticed that the Netflix top 100 is an ever changing list, my already confusing number system has been rendered irrelevant as well. So, I’ll be going back through the old entries and removing the numbers, and I will just review the movies on the Netflix top 100 list that I’ve seen. In the interest of clarity, of course.

I was excited to see that The Blind Side had made the list.

Forget sports movie cliches. Forget patronizing white family rescues poor black kid formulas. Just watch a real mother in action. Sandra Bullock acts her butt off in this based on a true story movie. Bullock plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, a Memphis interior designer and wife of Sean Tuohy, a business owner. Her small son SJ befriends Big Mike, a runaway foster child who plays football at his school. After finding Big Mike outside freezing in the rain, Leigh Anne invites him to spend the night and he ends up staying for good.

The movie follows Leigh Anne’s tough as nails parenting and Big Mike blossoming from an overlooked underachiever to a happy functioning young man. But is that enough to secure him a future? Is that even legal? Watch The Blind Side to find out.

Please click here for my rating system.

1. Story: The story was very compelling and touching without being sentimental. 10

2. Acting: Let’s just say Sandra Bullock earned her Oscar in this movie. That’s not taking her chemistry with Quinton Aaron, who played Big Mike into account. 10

3. Costumes/Setting: Can anyone wear shorter skirts than Bullock? I don’t know. Her costumes were beautiful, yet distracting in this movie. The only other noticeable character is Big Mike. It is funny to see what he chooses to wear when he’s got someone invested in him. 8

Total score for the Blind Side: 9

You can watch The Blind Side on Amazon Video on Demand.

This review is part 8 in my Netflix 100 series. Click here for part 1, Crash. Click here for part 2, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Click here for part 3, Ironman. Click here for part 4, The Pursuit of Happyness. Click here for part 5, Gran Torino. Click here for part 6, The Inside Man. Click here for part 7, The Dark Knight.

Don’t have Netflix? Click here.

Watch What You ‘Wanted’ to on Demand

Two actioners join the usual chick flick fare in Amazon’s Video on Demand top five today. The Back Up Plan,(#1) and Date Night, (#3) are still going strong, and the third (pseudo) chick flick of the group is She’s Out of my League, (#5). That leaves Green Zone, (#2), and Wanted, (#4).

I’ll review Wanted, because it is the only flick in the group that I’ve seen.

Wanted follows the transformation of Wesley Gibson, (James McAvoy), from anxious doormat to assassin, following in the footsteps of his father, whom he never knew. The movie has humor, action, but best of all, special effects that help tell the fast-paced exciting story.

Click here for my rating system:

1. Story: The story is well-written with twists and surprises. You alternate from laughing out loud, to cringing, to gasping in shock throughout the length of the movie. 10

2. Acting: James McAvoy is especially compelling as Wesley, the most dimensional character in the film. Angelina Jolie’s character, Fox, is steely and determined throughout, and Morgan Freeman, as Soan, the head of the band of Assassins that recruited Wesley is alternately supportive and hard. 9

3. Special Effects: Wanted picks up where The Matrix leaves off as far as bullet time is concerned. The seat of your pants action is worth the price of admission with Wanted. 10

Total score for Wanted: 9.

You can watch Wanted on Amazon Video on Demand.

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