tubeCore 2.0 Update

It’s coming, I promise.

The release for tubeCore 2.0 has taken far longer than expected, but I want to assure you that we are working hard to finish. The software is incredibly complex with parts both on the PC and in the cloud that must work in perfect sync with one another.

Please bear with us a little longer as we work out the details.

Hulu’s Top 10-are You Watching?

The top Hulu shows this week are a mixed bag. There’s something for everyone, from reality shows to variety shows, to dramas, and sci-fi fantasy lovers. The only thing missing is cartoons. Here are the top 10 in no particular order. Did your favorite show make the list?


Covert Affairs: Fool in the Rain
Yahya “Johnny” Rahimi is a member of an Iranian trade delegation attending the WTO conference. Upon arriving in Toronto, he escapes his handlers and contacts the CIA, hoping to parlay stolen intelligence into safe passage to the United States in this new spy series.


White Collar: Company Man

In this series, a white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. In this episode, Neal and Peter must go undercover into the world of corporate espionage after a tech company’s head researcher is murdered.


Warehouse 13: Vendetta

The team flies to Russia to track down a killer with links to Artie. It’s hard to encapsulate Warehouse 13. Read my review here for more on this syfy show.


America’s Got Talent

Talk about a slow build to a climax. This show is in its 15th week, and it’s just gotten to the top 10. Watch the top 10 perform live from Hollywood.


The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Rules of Engagement

Anne and Amy suspect George is cheating, Ricky and Amy go out on a date.


Melissa & Joey: The Perfect Storm

Think Who’s the Boss with adult child stars. Melissa is Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Joey is Joey Lawrence of Blossom. Melissa hires broke trader Joey to be Nanny (Manny) to her niece and nephew she has just taken custody of. In this episode, Mel’s parents’ visit causes lots of tension.


WWE Monday Night Raw: The Undertaker vs Brett Hart


Glee Fall Preview


Louie: God
This week in the single father comedy, Louie (comedian Louie C.K.) explores religion.


Wipeout: Food Fight
Twenty-four contestants compete on the world’s largest extreme obstacle course. In this episode, pizza projectiles pelt contestants on a cafeteria-themed Spinner.

Netflix = The Way for Kids to Watch TV

I took my children to a birthday party at their cousins’ house the other day, and the kids played Wii in the basement while the grownups talked. My brother-in-law went down to check on them, and found that the kids had found Avatar, the Last Airbender through Netflix Instant Queue.

He decided to edit his queue.

There is a lot of children’s television available for instant viewing on Netflix. My kids don’t watch TV except through Netflix Instant Queue. It’s commercial free, cable free, easy to monitor. . .the only downside might be their ability to create marathons of their favorite show.

Here’s an example of kids shows available on Netflix Instant Queue:


Dora the Explorer seasons 1-3 are available for instant viewing. If you’re unfamiliar with the show behind the hype, check out season 1.
Dora the Explorer: TV show or computer game? Computer game or picture book? Or something in between. Find out what all the hype is about this Nick Jr. icon. Then you can stick around for season 2, and season 3. Get good and Dora’d out.


Your girls can enjoy the Angelina Ballerina catalog on Netflix. They can watch as the British mouse spins and turns and breaths ballet, with vocal talent including Dame Judy Dench, as Angelina’s ballet teacher. It resonates with ballerinas and spectators alike.


Avatar the Lost Airbender has three seasons available for instant viewing. This is the popular Nickelodeon cartoon that inspired the movie this past summer. It is beautiful and well-done, and an interesting phenomenon: American anime. It may have some questionable content, so prescreen it yourself before playing it in front of your children.


There are several Veggie Tales titles available. There’s something soothing about letting your children watch those vegetables with the Midwestern accents. Unless they’re watching Jonah. Just say no.


Here’s another show that you wouldn’t worry too much about your kids seeing. Liberty’s Kids tells the American Revolution through eyes of three children. Walter Kronkite does Ben Franklin’s voice.


And for the very young child, there’s Kipper. From the soft jazz to the lilting British accents, Kipper captures the preschooler’s imagination, without completely turning off their parents. A rare show, indeed.

I’ve just scratched the surface of the wealth of children’s programming on Netflix Instant Queue. Next time I’ll talk about movies!

Don’t have Netflix? Click here.

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