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Hulu’s Top 10-are You Watching?

The top Hulu shows this week are a mixed bag. There’s something for everyone, from reality shows to variety shows, to dramas, and sci-fi fantasy lovers. The only thing missing is cartoons. Here are the top 10 in no particular order. Did your favorite show make the list? 1. Covert Affairs: Fool in the Rain [...]

Netflix = The Way for Kids to Watch TV

I took my children to a birthday party at their cousins’ house the other day, and the kids played Wii in the basement while the grownups talked. My brother-in-law went down to check on them, and found that the kids had found Avatar, the Last Airbender through Netflix Instant Queue. He decided to edit his [...]

Hulu Fall Premieres

Hulu has a new line-up of shows coming this fall. Here’s what to expect this week: Friday, September 10: Beast Legends They’re the stuff of legends, but what if they really existed? Think Mythbusters, monster edition. Beast Legends brings together a team of investigators who research a legendary beast, traveling to the actual location where [...]

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