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tubeCore 1.3.0 with AutoChoose Media Server and More

I get emails almost every day asking for one feature or another, or to let me know what we need to work on.  I keep track of those requests and am happy to release a couple of those features you’ve been asking for. Features of This Release Ability to choose a default Media Server. This [...]

tubeCore Released

If you have gotten an “ERROR - PLEASE RETRY, Unspecified Error” message this latest release should address the issue. A deployment error lead to some serious problems in the last release of tubeCore. The short story is that our servers got hacked a few weeks ago (or, so we thought) and, in response, we locked [...]

tubeCore 1.1 Bug Fix Release

We are releasing a bug fix to tubeCore to remedy some playback issues. If you are finding that several streams exit with “Cannot Playback…” errors get this release. Here is the download link to the latest version of tubeCore. Features of This Release This is a bug fix release to remedy some “Cannot Playback…” errors. [...]

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