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Announcing onCore - PlayOn for Your Desktop

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to the first in a series of applications designed to bring your favorite Internet show to you wherever you are. Netflix, Hulu, Food Network, HGTV and more, will be available on your Desktop, TV, and in your lap. The “Core” line [...]

tubeCore the PlayOn Internet DVR For Media Center Extenders is on the App Store

A new App Store for Windows Media Center apps has just opened. It’s called Made for Media Center. tubeCore is now available on the new Media Center App Store. For more Media Center apps check them out Made for Media Center.

PlayOn and Tversity on Windows Media Center Extenders

We made a promise to be 100% compatible with every Windows Media Center Extender on tubeCore, the Internet DVR for PlayOn and Tversity. It was hard work because Windows 7 changed some things under the covers and broke that compatiblity. I thought we might be forced to renege on that promise. But I got emails, [...]

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