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PlayOn Discovery Issue

While running tubeCore with a recent release of PlayOn (version 3.0.1) the screen is blank, not showing Hulu, Netflix, or any other content channel. Release 3.0.1 of PlayOn has a discovery issue. This means that when tubeCore asks PlayOn for a list of content channels, nothing is returned. Please download PlayOn 3.0.2 to fix the [...]

tubeCore 1.4, tubeCore 2.0, and onCore Beta

We are pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated tubeCore 1.4! Here is the download link to the latest version of tubeCore. tubeCore 1.4 Features of This Release Lots of bug fixes Performance enhancements. Requirements Windows 7 with Media Center, Windows Vista Home Premium, or Vista Ultimate The latest operating system updates from [...]

100 onCore Beta Test Slots Filled

One day ago we sent out an invitation to all email subscribers asking them to singup for a beta test group to test the new onCore application. onCore is the PlayOn player for Windows desktops that was announced last month. It took less than 24 hours to fill all slots in the onCore Beta Test [...]

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