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The Hulu Channel Was Not Removed

There is some confusion about a recent email announcement. A new update to tubeCore was released which, according to the email, “Discontinued use of Hulu as a source for TV Show and other content images”. This was apparently an unfortunate wording choice. The change is an enhancement to give users a better experience with Media [...]

tubeCore 2.12 Release

tubeCore 2.12 is Released tubeCore 2.12 is an optional update to the #1 Internet DVR for Windows Media Center. This update contains the following changes and fixes: Updated conversion buffer default size to improve playback on slower playback sources such as Netflix Fixed conversion buffer settings to properly save new buffer size Discontinued use of Hulu [...]

tubeCore 2.10, Windows 8, and Netflix Fixes

tubeCore¬†2.10 is Released Update: tubeCore has been updated with a fix for startup error “Unable to … underlying provider”. Download tubeCore 2.11 to fix the problem. tubeCore 2.10 is a required update to the #1 Internet DVR for Windows Media Center. This update fixes several issues. Windows 8 support Netflix, Amazon VOD, and other PlayOn [...]

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