Announcing tubeCore 2.0

tubeCore 2.0 is released now. It has several exciting new features:

  • Bookmarks - bookmark your favorite shows, movies, or TV episodes and instantly go right back to them. This wonderful feature saves you having to navigate through page after page of content to find something you already found once before. It is super easy to use and really empowers your TV viewing experience!
  • Watch Later - This is the true Internet DVR feature! With this feature you can queue up several videos, shows, movies, etc. and record them to watch whenever you like (as long as the content is available from the provider) with no buffering or streaming! With Watch Later you can even watch the content while it is being recorded!
  • Trending Shows - See what shows are most popular right now with other tubeCore and onCore users!  (Coming…)
  • Current Time and Weather - tubeCore will display the current time, temperature, and a weather forecast. You might be surprised just how useful this is.
  • Resume Playback – tubeCore will keep track your progress on the shows you love! Start from where you left off and enjoy!

The upgrade to tubeCore 2.0 will be FREE to everyone who purchased tubeCore after March 1st, 2010.

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