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Two actioners join the usual chick flick fare in Amazon’s Video on Demand top five today. The Back Up Plan,(#1) and Date Night, (#3) are still going strong, and the third (pseudo) chick flick of the group is She’s Out of my League, (#5). That leaves Green Zone, (#2), and Wanted, (#4).

I’ll review Wanted, because it is the only flick in the group that I’ve seen.

Wanted follows the transformation of Wesley Gibson, (James McAvoy), from anxious doormat to assassin, following in the footsteps of his father, whom he never knew. The movie has humor, action, but best of all, special effects that help tell the fast-paced exciting story.

Click here for my rating system:

1. Story: The story is well-written with twists and surprises. You alternate from laughing out loud, to cringing, to gasping in shock throughout the length of the movie. 10

2. Acting: James McAvoy is especially compelling as Wesley, the most dimensional character in the film. Angelina Jolie’s character, Fox, is steely and determined throughout, and Morgan Freeman, as Soan, the head of the band of Assassins that recruited Wesley is alternately supportive and hard. 9

3. Special Effects: Wanted picks up where The Matrix leaves off as far as bullet time is concerned. The seat of your pants action is worth the price of admission with Wanted. 10

Total score for Wanted: 9.

You can watch Wanted on Amazon Video on Demand.

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