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As I trolled through the Netflix 100 list, I noted that I’d seen 45 of the 100 movies. Not bad for an armchair critic, huh? I blame my sleepy town, which features movies, classical music, and amateur theatre. Of the three, my husband and I choose movies.

This works to our favor, as I get to recommend a movie to you, or steer you clear of one I wasn’t feeling. If you disagree with me, that’ll work, too. You’ll know which movie you’ll probably love, depending on how much I hated it. I had to skip ahead in Netflix’s list for tonight’s review. Let me explain. I last reviewed #9 on Netflix 100: Gran Torino. The next movie on their list is Casino Royale, a movie that we rented and promptly turned off, offended, so I can’t review that one. Numbers 11 and 12 are movies I haven’t seen: Blood Diamond, and The Notebook respectively. Both of those are intriguing to me, so I may be updating the list at some point. Number 13 on the Netflix 100 is Little Miss Sunshine, which I’ve reviewed here, and #14 is another movie I’ve already reviewed: Slumdog Millionaire.

Which brings us to my sixth review in the series, #15 in Netflix’s list: Inside Man. Don’t be surprised that we saw Inside Man; there are very few Denzel  movies that we miss-my husband is a huge fan.

Where to begin talking about this thriller? There’s a bank robbery. There’s tension between Washington’s character, detective Keith Frasier, and a loose cannon negotiator, played by Jodie Foster. There’s hostages, smoke screens, lots of costumes, and very very smart bank robbers. Don’t blink. You’ll be hopelessly lost in the details of this Spike Lee directed movie.

Click here for my rating system.

1. Story: The title, The Inside Man, itself a play on words, is a metaphor for the whole screenplay. It is intelligent, probing, a moral play. But, as I mentioned earlier, it is sometimes hard to follow. Don’t blink. 8

2. Acting: Here’s a case of well-used stellar cast. Denzel is riddling through puzzle after puzzle, while Jodie is playing both sides against the middle. See also: Willem Dafoe, Clive Owen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Christopher Plummer. Everyone plays their part to a tee. 10

3. Setting: The bank interiors are enough to give you claustrophobia. The set itself adds to the mystery and drama of the story. 10

Total rating for Inside Man: 9

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