Netflix 100 Flicks: Iron Man


As I trolled through the Netflix 100 list, I noted that I’d seen 45 of the 100 movies. Not bad for an armchair critic, huh? I blame my sleepy town, which features movies, classical music, and amateur theatre. Of the three, my husband and I choose movies.

This works to our favor, as I get to recommend a movie to you, or steer you clear of one I wasn’t feeling. If you disagree with me, that’ll work, too. You’ll know which movie you’ll probably love, depending on how much I hated it.

The 3rd in my Netflix 100 series, (5th in the Netflix 100 list), is Iron Man. (I haven’t seen Netflix’s #3 movie, The Bucket List, or #4, The Departed. If and when I see them, I’ll double back and review them. That’s just how dedicated I am.)

Iron Man manages to do what no other Marvel comic based movie has done-hold my attention. I give Robert Downey Jr. most of the credit for that. That cat can act his way out of a paper bag. Did you see him in Tropic Thunder? Playing the dude portraying the dude pretending to be another dude. .. ? But I digress. The chemistry between Downey and Gwyneth Paltrow, and even a sorry declawed Terrence Howard was palpable.

Robert Downey Jr. plays his comic book hero with just the right combination of earnestness and humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he goes ahead and takes up the mantel of saving the day. That puts his character Tony Stark in the same league as Bernie LaPlante, Dustin Hoffman’s character in Hero, my all-time favorite hero movie. (Not to be confused with the beautiful Jet Li movie of the same name). If you don’t remember the 1992 Hero, you must check it out.

Please click here for my rating system.

1. Story: While the comic story is set during the Vietnam war, the movie is updated to the war in Iraq. The story is much more relevant and relatable because of it. While still fantastical in nature, (the main character loses his heart and lives to fight another day) the story still allows you suspend your disbelief. A little. 8

2. Acting: As I mentioned before, Downey made this movie. His supporting cast was also strong. 9

3. Special Effects/Costumes: The effects speak when everyone else is silent. They are third part of the successful equation in Iron Man. And as for costumes, the Iron Man suit is a Baad out-fit. 10

Total rating for Iron Man: 9

Iron Man is available for streaming on Amazon Video on Demand.

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