Barefoot Contessa: 5 (almost) Guilt-Free Food Shows:#5

As a rule, cooking shows are evil. I mean, anything that makes you meditate on food and buy more butter is a dangerous combination. But, on the other hand, watching delicious food is not the same as eating it is it?  These food shows are about more than just the yummy.

You can catch snippets of this beautiful Food Network show in the Scripts folder in tubecore, or on hulu. Ina Garten, (our barefoot contessa), manages to make beautiful yet unappetizing food at the same time. It’s made all the more unappetizing by her grating giggle at the end of the show when she’s annoyingly bragging about what she cooked, blatantly rehearsing its name over and over again.

Why is it beautiful? I’m glad you asked. The set is pristine, full of windows, airy, well-lit. Ina, who has beautiful shiny hair,  often goes to the market and gets colorful produce, and fish wrapped in very loud paper, which she then wrinkles incessantly. She entertains all the time, often fixing elaborate picnic lunches to share with random friends on the beach. Of course, the beach is another opportunity to show off how strong the mics are-with the loud wind and surf almost drowning out Ina’s giggle. . .

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1. Host: Despite the aforementioned issues with sound, Ina Garten is compelling in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Those sun-drenched interiors go a long way. 8

2. Premise: If we’re to believe that Ina Garten is an average housewife who constantly entertains while her husband is away on business, instead of a restaurateur with a TV show to produce, then I don’t buy it. 5

3. Guests/Supporting Cast: Occasionally one of Ina’s many friends is half as interesting as she is, and her husband certainly pulls his weight when he appears, but for the most part, the other people on the show are flat, and boring. They should not even give them the over-sensitive mics. 6

Total score for Barefoot Contessa: 6

This review is part 5 in a 5 part series. Click here for #1, Pressure Cook. Click here for #2, Man vs Food. Click here for #3, Hell’s Kitchen. Click here for number #4, Kitchen Diva.

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