5 Bad Sci-Fi Shows You’ll Love: #4: Jeremiah


There is a lot of television out there. That’s before you factor in the Internet, with its traces of current, canceled and never aired shows, not to mention movies. This is your guide to television shows and movies that you can watch now. And for number 4 in my series of Sci-Fi so bad it’s good, I present Jeremiah.

Mind you, this could also fit in the category of canceled shows you never watched but can stream now. . .or were you among the faithful followers of this 2002 Showtime series?

The ghost of TV stars past, Jeremiah featured 90210 heart throb Luke Perry, and Cosby kid, Malcolm Jamal-Warner. Set in 2021, the post-apocalyptic show follows the survivors of a plague that, 15 years previously had wiped out everyone over the age of puberty. The survivors had been children at the time, and now must decide whether they should rebuild or continue to scrape out an existence in their old, destroyed world.

Boy, what a tough choice! I wonder what they should do?

That’s part of the problem of the show. It really is dumb. Not to mention angry and brooding. And yet. Luke Perry, while much older than he was as Dylan on 90210 is still working that brooding loner thing, so you wonder what he’s up to. And Theo (Malcolm Jamal-Warner) is always entertaining. And did I mention the show also featured Sam Gangee Sean Astin? How could you not watch that?

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1. Story: The virus that killed all the adults, leaving a juvenile society in its wake is pretty interesting, but the rest of the story kind of falls apart. 5

2. Acting: There’s intensity, but the story hinders the acting. That said, the acting is what makes this a bad sci-fi show that you could maybe appreciate for a minute, if not love. 6

3. Costumes/setting: The costumes are ok, I guess, but something about that set reminds me of Legends of the HiddenSmjbyTFN0yrADiw[1] Temple, a  Nickelodeon game show, or Space Cases, Nickelodeon’s extremely low budget sci-fi show that ran from 1996-1997. 4

4. Longevity: Jeremiah only lasted a year because of creative differences between MGM and its executive producer, J. Michael Straczynski, of Babylon 5. The final episodes aired on TV the following year. 3

Total score for Jeremiah: 4

You can watch the entire series with Netflix Instant Queue, or this episode: The Long Road (Part 1) on Amazon Video on Demand.

Don’t have Netflix? Click here.

This review is part 4 in a 5 part series. Click here for part 1, Warehouse 13, here for part 2,Dollhouse, here for part 3, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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