Hulu’s Top 10-did you Make them Popular?

There’s enough on TV to make your head spin. Throw in the Internet, and you really don’t know where to turn. Thankfully, you have tubecentric to help you with your TV choices. Here’s this week’s top 10 shows on Hulu. Did you make them popular?

1. 181392_145x80_generated[1] Pretty Little Liars, Season 1: Ep. 4

Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family drama based on a book series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard. It’s about a clique of girls that falls apart afer their leader disappears. One year later, they each receive messages from someone called "A" who threatens to expose their secrets. On this week’s episode on hulu, the girls take matters into their own hands and try to stop A.


2. 181728_145x80_generated[1] NBC Today Show, Elizabeth Edwards interview

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, Elizabeth Edwards discusses her estranged husband’s relationship with Rielle Hunter, saying: “It’s hard to imagine the same person could marry me and be attracted to that.” So if you missed the interview, it’s available on hulu in all its glory-practically commercial free.


3. 181594_145x80_generated[1] Hell’s Kitchen, 10 Chefs Compete

The show desciption reads: ‘The chefs create gourmet sandwiches and help celebrate a milestone,’ but you know there’s a lot of bumbling, cussing and tantrums going on. And that’s not including the contestants.


4. 181637_145x80_generated[1] America’s Got Talent: Week 5, Night 1

The judges head to Chicago in search of more acts that they can advance to Las Vegas to compete for the million-dollar prize! This show is an acquired taste. I think it’s an example of all that is wrong with summer television. Fill the airwaves with a surreal variety show, why don’t you? And while you’re at it, exploit the weird underbelly of American society at the same time. My daughter thinks it’s great. What do you think?


5. 181595_145x80_generated[1] Hell’s Kitchen: 9 Chefs Compete

That’s talented! Making the top 10 with 2 different episodes. On this episode, the blue teams wins a challenge and a private jet trip to a vineyard. Also? Much cussing and sniping on behalf of the losing red team.


6.181142_145x80_generated[1] Lie to Me: season 2, ep. 14

This Fox show is about the Lightman Group, which accepts assignments from third parties, usually in law enforcement, and assists in investigations, reaching the truth trough applied psycology, and interpreting facial expressions. In this episode, they help a war veteran.


7. 181471_145x80_generated[1] The Bachelorette: Week 6, part 1

I don’t know hy a woman who is dating a room full of men in hopes of narrowing them down to ‘Mr. Right’ would care, but in this episode, Ali learns that one of the bachelors has a girlfriend at home.


8. 181469_145x80_generated[1] The Bachelorette: Week 6 Part 2

Because you have to see how number 7 turned out, right?


9. 181039_145x80_generated[1] The Secret Life of the American Teenager

In its third season, The Secret Life of the American Teenager started out as a pregnant teen drama. Now it’s just  drama. In this episode, Ricky moves into the Juergens’ house to take care of John.


10. 181399_145x80_generated[1]Make it or Break it, season 2 ep. 1

ABC Family is batting 1,000 this week on hulu. This is its third show in the top 10. This drama follows teen gymnasts with Olympic dreams. In this episode, The girls question Sasha’s decision to take on the National Committee.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the most popular shows on hulu this week. Breathe easy knowing you will have limited commercial interruptions, and that you can see cable shows without the cable bill. That’s recession proof, if you ask me.

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