5 Bad Sci-Fi Shows You’ll Love: #3: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


There is a lot of television out here. The Internet has traces of current, canceled, and never been aired shows, as well as movies. This is your guide to television and movies you can watch now. And for number 3 in my series of sci fi so bad it’s good, I give you The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

With a back story like The Terminator, you’d think this show would have it made. The full strength of the Arnold was behind this story of raising John Connor. Yet the series just didn’t deliver. All of the leads had the same wooden performance. Summer Glau, as Cameron Phillips, the terminator, had an excuse. She’s supposed to be a robot. (So what was her excuse in The Dollhouse? ) But Lena Headley is no Linda Hamilton. Whereas Hamilton was vulnerable yet strong, Headley is inflexible and stern.

Thomas Dekker’s John Connor seemed clueless as to why his mother is protecting him. He knew why when he was 11, according to the movies, yet here’s this big rusty teenager who can’t understand that he is the future leader of the resistance, so those he will resist against are trying to snuff him. That made no sense to me.

The supporting actors were much stronger than the leads on this show. Glau, as a sentient android was very Data (from Star Trek Next Generation) like. Her personality grew by the episode, even as Sarah and John Connors’ shrank. Another supporting actor of note was Brian Austin Green, from Beverly Hills 90210.

The back story of the Terminator movies is what will keep you watching this bad show. You find yourself rooting for it, hoping against hope that it will get better. You. Must. Know. The . Story. of . the. Terminators. So you hold out against your better judgment that this show will deliver.

Please click here for my show rating system.

1. Story: The story is the same as the movie’s story, so it is pretty good. The premise is fantasy, but believable within context. 8

2. Acting: As I stated earlier, the supporting actors are much stronger than the leads. The leads killed this show for me. 6

3. Costumes/Settings: This was one area where The Sarah Connor Chronicles shone; it was most like the movies as far as setting/costumes were concerned. 9

4. Longevity: The show had a painfully long run for a bad sci-fi show. It was too short to tell the whole story, though. 6

Total Score for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: 7

Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on hulu, the pilot on Amazon Video on Demand,rent both seasons from Netflix, or buy them from Amazon.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles is third in a 5 part series. You can find #1 here, and #2 here, here for #4.

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