5 (almost) Guilt-Free Food Shows: Kitchen Diva: #4


As a rule, cooking shows are evil. I mean, anything that makes you meditate on food and buy more butter is a dangerous combination. But, on the other hand, watching delicious food is not the same as eating it is it?  These food shows are about more than just the yummy.

The Kitchen Diva: I found this show by searching hulu. Truth be told, I was looking for anything Food Network to appease the angry hoard watch with my children. I recognized the host because we have one of her cookbooks. Everything we’ve made from that book is really good, so I thought it would entertaining and educational-edutational?-to watch her on TV. However, this show is non-indulgent, because the food looks so unappetizing. And Angela Shelf Medearis, children’s book and cookbook author, just doesn’t convince me that she’s a diva with all her neck popping and Southern slang. I wanted to Just Say No to the Kitchen Diva, but I looked up and had watched all 5 episodes in 1 sitting.

What is the appeal? Is it the PBS on Cable Access video quality? The fake neck-popping divalicious dialog? The "I guess I could try this at home" quality of the food? The "I seem to have misplaced my laugh track" quality of the humor on the show?  Maybe it’s the big hats Medearis is constantly sporting. Check it out and see for yourself. 

Please click here for my rating system.

1. Host: What can I say? Angela Shelf Medearis is definitely better in print than on the screen. But she is endearing. She keeps pushing through the show, despite the poor production quality. 7

2. Premise: This is a straight-forward cooking show. It doesn’t look like the Kitchen Diva makes 5 of each dish for demonstration purposes. You get a lot of "we’ll see how it turned out after the break," which shows you she’s really cooking, at least. 7

3. Supporting Cast: There is none.

Total Score for The Kitchen Diva: 7

You can find this short run series on hulu, or you can dust off your VCR and buy a tape version from Amazon.

Kitchen Diva is fourth in a 5 part series. For #1, click here. For #2, click here. For #3, click here. For #5, click here.

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