Kyle XY: Guilty Pleasure of the Month



Remember that feeling you get when you drive by a car accident and just can’t stop looking at it? You get that feeling watching Kyle XY. The show opens with a wide shot of a wood. The camera zooms in slowly, revealing a man lying down in the woods. The camera zooms in further, and you see that the man is naked. A closer shot indicates that he’s dripping in slime. Kyle XY has caught my attention. The man stands up. He has no . . . belly button. What is this? He walks out of the woods and is picked up by the cops. To say that he was not from around there would be an understatement. The cops take him to a children’s home, where a therapist takes an interest in him and takes him home with her so she can observe him. You mean he’s not a man? He’s a kid? Well, yeah, I guess I could see that.

Kyle XY looks grown, but behaves like an infant. He doesn’t understand simple things like eating, sleeping, or toileting at first. But he is also very quick and masters those things as well as talking during the first episode. He has a vulnerable quality that is infectious. I watched Kyle win over everyone on the show, even as he won me over. This is despite the fact that the dialog is corny and the characters are one-dimensional.

The appeal of this show is both in the newborn baby wonder that Kyle carries around with him and his mysterious background. Kyle is like a combination of Tom Hanks in Big, Data from Star Trek Next Generation, and Clark Kent from Smallville.

Please click here to see my Rating System.

  1. Writing: The strength of this show is the mystery. The corny dialog weakens it just a bit. The writing gets an 8.
  2. Acting: Matt Dallas, as Kyle XY does a good job connecting with the audience. I can’t say as much for the other characters. 7.
  3. Costumes/Special Effects: The costumes for this show are fine. The special effects are low budget. 6
  4. Longevity: Just based on watching it, I’d say 5; based on the fact that the show only lasted 3 seasons, 3

Total score for Kyle XY: 6

Watch Kyle XY on hulu, buy the DVD from Amazon, or rent it from Netflix.

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