Hell’s Kitchen: 5 (almost) guilt-free food shows: #3

As a rule, cooking shows are evil. I mean, anything that makes you meditate on food and buy more butter is a dangerous combination. But, on the other hand, watching delicious food is not the same as eating it, and these food shows are about more than just the yummy.

If I could just sit down and consume a whole season of any show, it would be Hell’s Kitchen. I am on pins and needles after every episode, as if I were watching 24 or something. I never knew working in a restaurant was so deep. And the intricacies of preparing risotto! Sometimes Chef Ramsay has a temper tantrum about the the temperature of the meat. That’s a surefire ticket home for the unwitting cook who can’t manage the meat station. Sometimes he shuts the whole kitchen down. The patrons look as shocked as we are at all the cussing going on in the kitchen, and they are really put off as they are escorted from the building. As Chef Gordon Ramsay would say, “Shocking!”

Please click here for my rating system.

1. Host: Gordon Ramsay is much scarier in Hell’s Kitchen than Kitchen Nightmares. I pity the poor inexperienced chef under his scrutiny. It does make for compelling television, though. 9

2. Premise: The show is a job interview literally from hell. You feel the fear and frustrations of the would be head chefs. 10

3. Supporting Cast: The people selected for the Hell’s Kitchen job interview are a colorful bunch. They’re easily bleeped as often as Chef Ramsay, and some of them stand toe to toe with them, especially when he calls them a cow. 10

Total score for Hell’s Kitchen: 9

You can watch Hell’s Kitchen on hulu, Amazon Video on Demand, rent it from Netflix, or buy it from Amazon.

Hell’s Kitchen is third in a 5 part series. For part #1, click here. For part #2, click here, for #4, click here. For part #5, click here.

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